Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Tailwinds is a new kind of flight school opening at Northeast Philadelphia Airport (KPNE)   We are looking for people that are passionate about the work they do, love to be stretched and challenged, and want to part of building a flight school from the ground up. I hire people, not resumes.  I believe that your character, work-ethic, values and drive are key factors in predicting your success as an employee. 

We are currently looking

Flight Instructors (CFII)

If you are a CFII and looking for a new position, please begin the process by emailing a statement describing why you are seeking a job as a flight instructor. I am not particularly interested in your past experience – we can get to that later.  I am interested in hearing about a passion for teaching – that is the key requirement here.  If you are a CFI, then I will assume you know how to fly an airplane safely.  CFIs are not paid to fly, they are paid to teach (which is why you can act as a CFI with a 3rd class medical or BasicMed).  I am looking for teachers.

Send your statement to team@flytailwinds.com and we can get the conversation started. 


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