If You’re Already A Pilot

If You're Already A Pilot

Advanced VFR Training

Many examiners conclude a successful private pilot checkride by saying something like, ‘you now have a license to learn’.  It’s great aviation maxim and certainly worth putting into practice.  Aviators should always be learning, improving their skills and broadening their experience.  If you hold a private pilot certificate, you might think about some advanced training tailored to your flight experience and individual needs.  A few examples include:
  • Improve your communication skills, especially in busy, crowded airspace
  • Develop real expertise using ForeFlight
  • Get a better handle on aviation meteorology 
  • Night Flying
  • Grass Airstrips
We’ll design a program to suit you needs.

Flight Review (FAR 61.56)

We’ll do a thorough flight review per 61.56.  Here is the guideline we use.

Tailwheel Endorsement: Delaware Valley Taildraggers

If you’re already a licensed pilot and want to enhance your flying skills, why not consider a tailwheel endorsement! Tailwheel airplanes will improve your rudder technique, teach you an important part of aviation history and are a necessary tool for reaching remote places around the world. Our friends at Delaware Valley Taildraggers (right here at PNE) offer a 3-day tailwheel course that will give you the skills and confidence to safely land a challenging airplane. They offer training in a vintage Cessna 170 equipped with oversize wheels and set up for short takeoffs and landings. Click on the link below to schedule your training! 

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