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FAA Knowledge ("Written") Test Prep Courses

There are several companies that produce courses to prepare pilots for the FAA Knowledge Tests. While the style and format (and price) varies, the goal is the same: To prepare you to pass your FAA Knowledge Test.  Most offer demo lessons so you can get a feel for their style. 

Tailwinds recommends DAUNTLESS AVIATION for FAA Knowledge Test Prep.

Our instructors have reviewed many popular online test-prep courses and they all will likely get the job done. We based on our recommendation on the following criteria:

Dauntless has test-prep courses for most FAA knowledge tests, as well as an electronic logbook and a variety of other aviation software.

The Hoody®

Looking for an easy to use vision restriction device? The Hoody® is designed by instrument flight instructors for ease of use, especially for those who wear glasses. Hoody® permits the largest glasses and bifocals to easily fit under the hood.

20.99 Plus Tax/Shipping & Handling

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AME Medical Exams for 2nd and 3rd class Medicals.

Tailwinds recommends Dr. Andrea Pedano D.O. as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) who is available for 2nd and 3rd class medical examinations. Dr. Pedano is located at Wings Field in Blue Bell for your aviation medical needs.
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