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What Is A Introductory Lesson?

Designed for prospective students, an Introductory Lesson is an opportunity to experience what fight training is really like. With a Flight Instructor guiding you, you’ll get your hands on the controls for a flight lesson lasting approximately 30 minutes.

What happens after I purchase my lesson?

Once you purchase your flight online, we’ll contact you to schedule your flight and answer any questions. If you purchased the flight as a gift, we can prepare a gift certificate.

What happens on the day of my flight?

We will get you fully onboard! When we schedule your flight, we’ll explain where we will meet you at the airport and escort you to our office. Your instructor will do a pre-flight briefing, go over your route and explain a bit about the airplane.  You’ll then walk down to the ramp where you’ll have a chance to help with the pre-flight inspection of the airplane.  Once you’re securely seated your instructor will start the engine, taxi to the runway and take off.  Your actual flight time will be about 30 minutes.  After you land and secure the airplane, you’ll return to the office where your flight instructor will available to answer any questions you may have.  The flight does qualify as “flight training” and can be logged in a pilot’s logbook. 

Included in the Lesson

Introductory Flight Lesson - $225.00 + tax
What is a Discovery Flight Actually like?
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