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About one-G Foundation 1000

Based in Seattle, one-G simulation was founded by a flight instructor who wanted a better way to train students on the ground with model-specific simulators. Modeled after the Cessna® 172 aircraft, the one-G Foundation™ is an FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that works with the 1G-IOS™, a sophisticated Instructor Operator Station that allows instructors to create dynamic training sessions and track student progress. With one-G technology, students have the opportunity to practice scenarios that would be impossible to prepare for in the air. It’s affordable, accessible, and exclusive – our facility is one of only a handful in the nation to have this equipment through the one-G Access™ Program.

one-G Simulation Rental Per Hour **

** Requires solo check out, or used training with an instructor

$75.00* plus tax.

Instructor Rate

Instructor rates are charged by 10ths of the hour.

$60.00* plus tax.

10 Hour Block of SIM Time

10 Hour Block must be used with in 30 days from purchase.

$75.00* plus tax.

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