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Click here to read about why around 80% of those who begin flight training don’t complete it. When that happens, it wastes time and money.  Tailwinds would like to change that by asking prospective students to do a self-assessment to help determine if you are really ready to make the commitment.  While flying is definitely fun and cool, it takes a lot more of a focused commitment than many new students realize.  If you can’t answer ‘YES’ to these questions, you may want to reconsider if this is the right time for you to embark on this journey.

  • Are you prepared to commit to at least 2 lessons (of approximately 3 hours duration) per week at the airport? Flying is a use-it-or-loose-it skill. Keeping  those skills fresh will help you become and stay a safe and competent pilot
  • Are you prepared to put in the range of $19,000 (depending on make/model) toward your training? Your aviation budget is something you should consider before you embark on your journey. Once you have your pilot’s license, will you have the ability to rent aircraft so you can continue to fly regularly?  Flight training should not be the cause of financial hardship.
  • Can you pass an aviation medical exam?
  • Are you prepared to spend a 3-4 hours each week doing home-study, which involves reading, watching video presentations and taking practice tests?
  • Will you commit to study for and pass a knowledge test?
  • Are you at a place in your life where you have the energy and emotional capacity to take on a serious endeavor, like flying an airplane?  In other words, are there other things going on in your life that may be very time-consuming and/or causing you a lot of stress?  Is this a good time to be taking on something as demanding as flight training?
  • Do you have the support of those close to you (friends & family)?
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Tailwinds offers a unique approach and reliable information, that you can use to make informed decisions about pilot training.

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