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Course Description

Howard Cooper of Tailwinds Flight School

Ground School is a catch-all term for any flight training that happens on the ground.  It can take several forms:

  • Ground lessons (or Ground Instruction) usually refers to ground-based training sessions with your instructor.  Using a white board and other teaching aides, this is where you will have the initial presentation of new material. Ground Lessons include pre-flight and post-flight briefings.
  • FAA Knowledge Test Prep courses are often called Ground School.  These typically follow a tight syllabus that aligns with the test guidelines provided by the FAA.  These courses are generally taught to the test.  They may be offered in a once-a-week format or accelerated over a long weekend.
  • Some school offer courses or single presentations on a topic of interest to pilots.  These might include a course on aviation meteorology or a single presentation on developing your radio skills.

Tailwinds will be offering a weekly Private Pilot Test Prep Course.  If you’re interested email ground@flytailwinds.com .

Upcoming Courses

FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test Weekly Test-Prep Seminar*

Please Contact us
for upcoming
dates and times.


Northeast Philadelphia Airport
9800 Ashton Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19114

* Class is dependent on minimum enrollment of 6 participants.

For more information call us at 215-677-1240 or email ground@flytailwinds.com

Course Description

This weekly course is designed to help prepare the student pilot to pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge (“Written”) Test. The seminar covers all knowledge requirements as outlined in FAR Part 61.105b, including:

  •  Aerodynamics / Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Aircraft Limitations and Performance
  • Airport Procedures and Operations
  •  Communications
  • Navigation
  •  National Airspace Systems
  • Cross Country Flight Planning
  • Weather Theory & Weather Services
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Using the E6B Flight Computer
  • Test-Taking Tips and Strategies
  • Practice Test

Tuition: $499 Includes:

  • Gleim Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test book
  • Knowledge Test Supplement (FAA-CT-8080-2G)
  • All day beverage service & snacks
  • Lunch

Optional ($79)

You’ll also need (for this course and for your flight training):

  • 2019 FAR/AIM (Federal Aviation Regulations / Aeronautical Information Manual)
  • Electronic E6B
  • Navigational Plotter
  • Washington Sectional Chart

You can purchase these on your own and bring them, or we can provide them to you for $79.

Howard Cooper

Your Instructor

Howard Cooper is Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with a Master’s Degree in Education and over 25 years of classroom experience. He is passionate about flying and is a master teacher. His presentations are packed with information, fun and easy to understand.

Howard Cooper, Owner of Tailwinds Flight School

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