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Knowledge is Power

When Sir Francis Bacon published in his work, Meditationes Sacrae (1597), the saying: "knowledge itself is power", he most likely wanted to transmit the idea that having and sharing knowledge is the cornerstone of reputation and influence, and therefore power; all achievements emanate from this

Placing the Power in Your Hands

When Tailwinds opened its doors in 2018, there was a goal. Owner, Howard Cooper, came from an education background. With a love for teaching , he wanted to make sure that his flight school was successful at giving our students and renters as much information as possible to help them grow in their love for Aviation. Aviation is a small community. Building up with community has always been the goal. Providing honest helpful information to the end decision makers has always been the path.
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February 22, 2022  Buy an Airplane

February 24, 2022 Time and Money

March 29, 2022  Buy an Airplane

March 31, 2022 Time and Money

April 26, 2022 Buy an Airpla

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